Hard Water in Hiawatha IA May Be Only Part of the Problem!

You may be aware that you have a hard water issue if you see evidence like deposits in the sink, toilets and drains, but do you really know the whole story about what is happening with your water in Hiawatha, IA? Hard water may not be your only problem.

Hard Water

Hard water is used to describe water that is rich in minerals. Water softener systems offer water softening solutions that can help to take care of hard water issues. A lot of people are not aware that hard water not only dries out hair and skin but that it also can cause lime scale build up in appliances and drastically shorten the life span. Hard water is a bother, but it is not a health danger like other water issues can be.

Some Serious Issues

Drinking water systems can still let some contaminates into your water supply. Hydrogen sulfate, Chlorine, Algae, Bacteria, and metals all can slip through municipal water supplies and of course well- water. These problems are far greater than some staining on your clothing and fixtures and have to be dealt with. Waterhouse Water Systems is a trusted water treatment system supplier that offers a wide range of solutions in Hiawatha, IA, including:

  • Drinking water filter systems
  • Industrial & commercial water purification
  • Water filters

Your first step is knowing what is in your water with a free water analysis. Your next step is addressing the issues with one of the solutions that Waterhouse Water Systems has to offer. Taking the right steps will ensure that your water supply is fresh and useful! Contact Waterhouse Water Systems today for your free analysis and to learn more about water treatment solutions that will fit your needs!

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